After Installation

After installing your system, the first step is to power up the controller and configure it up to suit your installed system and injection requirements for optimal cooling and performance.

The controller is designed to be universal in order for it to be compatible with engines of all capacities, supercharged or turbocharged, diesel or petrol as well as single, dual and multi nozzle water methanol injection setups.

All controllers are tested on the 2Bar(30PSI) scaling with their dials set at the 12 o’clock position (1Bar/14PSI) for Activate and the 4 o’clock position (2Bar/30PSI) for Peak.

If your application requires a higher boost range or inversely a lower boost range please refer to the controllers built-in Menu to adjust the range.

The pressure ranges available for selection in the menu are:

1Bar, 2Bar and 3Bar

The controller can also interface to the vehicle via a rising voltage such as 0-5V and this can also be set in the menu.

For Forced Induction Motor Vehicles

It is recommended that the setpoint dials of the controller be adjusted to suit the vehicles boost profile as per the following:

Dial 1 set to half of the peak boost at redline

Dial 2 set to Boost Pressure at RPM Limiter.

Please be aware that many OEM vehicles momentarily overboost and reduce to 2/3’s of the overboost value towards redline and so it advised to set Dial 2 to the settling boost pressure at redline in order to prevent a reduction of WMI flow.

For Voltage Based References

It is recommended that the setpoint dials of the controller be adjusted to the 12 o’clock position (2.5 Volt) for Activate and the 4 o’clock position (5 Volt) for Peak.

This will prevent the system from reaching peak delivery unless the maximum voltage is recieved from the sensor

From there it is recomended to reduce the settings by an hour at a time until the controller starts to delivers fluid at the appropriate time such as above 3000rpm/ 50% throttle and reaches peak delivery and does not exit it until redline.

Mixtures of Water and Methanol

Mixture wise it is recommended that the vehicle be tested initially with a 50/50 ratio of Water Methanol and once intake temp, timing pull and AFR Trim logs can be inspected, the setpoints and mixtures should be altered to suit the engines tolerance to the injection as well as the cooling requirements.

It must also be noted that 50/50 mixtures of water and methanol is the most effective in total heat absorption and can cause the vehicle to loose power if it over cools the combustion chambers due to altering the expansion burn rate.

With that said 100% undiluted Methanol adds combustion heat as it is a fuel source, so it is important to adjust the setpoints around logs as there is no once specific setpoint for all vehicles and no two vehicles are the same in heat generation.